Tips to Making Money on the Side Selling Used Books Online

Selling used books online can be an excellent source for that much needed extra cash. However, you don’t just venture in the trade without getting appropriate guidance. There are lots of opportunities and different platforms selling books online. You have to weigh carefully and make an informed decision on which way to follow.

We shall examine some of the best ways you can use to get extra cash selling books online.

  • Finding used books to sell

Apart from creating an e-book, you can earn some extra cash selling used books online but, where do you get the used books in the first place?

  • To begin with, you can declutter your home with family books that are no longer required. These books can be sold online to earn you money instead of consuming space in your home.
  • You can also visit your family members and friends and ask them whether they have books that they no longer require. You could be surprised at the number of books that you can get from them.
  • Garage sales are also an ideal place to visit. You can buy several books for less than a dollar.
    • Selling used books online

    After you have the used books, you need to know some of the platforms selling books online.

    • Book Scouter

    Book Scouter is an excellent portal that helps you sell your used books by comparing offers from more than 35 book buyback vendors easily with a single search. If you have fast moving genres like web development books, you can make quick money on the platform. Book Scouter has a mobile app that will enable you to view vendors conveniently using your cell phone.

    • Cash for Books

    You can sell your textbooks and other used books and earn extra money using the Cash for Books platform in three simple steps as follows:

    • Get a quote by typing the ISBN of your books in the form
    • Books are shipped free using either US post office or FedEx. You can pre-print their prepaid label from your home computer.
    • Get paid within 13 days from the day you mail the books. The payment is via check or PayPal. Cash for books will pay the PayPal fees.

    Other equally good platforms are Amazon and eBay. The two leading online market places are not only perfect for selling e-books online business but also for selling your used books to get some extra cash.

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