The 4 Methods You Can Use To Create an eBook

There are so many ways you can create an ebook. Have you ever though about it? The creation process is pretty much easy – depending on the resources you have. Do you have content ready? Do you need to start doing a research and write down the whole ebook?

In this article we will cover the best methods you can use for e-book creation.

First things – first. What format would you use? ePub file or PDF?

You can use both or do one and than convert it in another format, but that means more work to market each to a different marketplace.

To create an e-book, generally, you need money, time and knowledge. Therefor, you budget or time or knowledge will define the method you’d be going with, and here are the four methods for ebook creation.

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  1. An eBook from Blank

If you evaluated your options, you know this might be the most expensive one, or time-consuming. Creating an ebook from the scratch is doable, but if you don’t invest in professional assistants you’d waste too much time for writing and design – and vice versa, investing in professionals would be expensive if you are on a tight budget.

While doing the ebook in PDF is somewhat easier, designing an ePub edition needs coding and advanced xhtml options to finalize and process it.

  1. Use Software.

Using software or web applications will make your goal much easier. When it comes to creating an ebook, there are lot of solutions that can get the job done in few hours of work if you have the content ready and layouts planned. The better option is to create a PDF version first, than go for ePub edition by using applications that convert your PDF into a simple ePub file.

  1. Buy Templates.

While this option would save you a lot of time on designing layouts and structure on the eBook you are creating, it may not come as an original solution. You’d be using someone else’s work and if their work is recognizable – your eBook will be treated as a copy. However, with a bit of knowledge you could edit the templates and re-brand them for your target audience to get the right ‘feel’ you are after.

  1. Hire a Professional Designer or Company.

While you may rock in doing great content, creating an attractive and clean eBook that draws attention and converts is a complete science. This is the point where you’d might to consider hiring a professional that can provide your PDF or ePub e-book with various complex features, advanced options, navigation, responsiveness etc.

So, what do you think Is the best option for your situation? Starting something new or taking the challenge and find the perfect tool or contractor for creating an amazing ebook for you? Let us know in the comments bellow!

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